About Us

Najd are high tech business specializing in fire protection systems involved in designing supply installation testing commissioning & maintenance by our good fire technicians & engineers which they have experience in this field.

Najd price meeting of our customer’s requirements and the entire system shall be configured to meet the requirement of:-

A B S 5839 part 4: 1988 to meet type p1 system
A N F P A 70- National electrical code 1993
A  N F P A 72- National fire alarm code 1993
A L P C B Loss Prevention Council L P S 1014 U.K
A U L (Under Writers Laboratories) U.S.A
A F M (Factory Mutual) U.S.A
A F M (Factory Mutual) U.S.A
A TUV Certificate
A BS EN3 (Kite mark)


We are the sole agent of the following in U.A.E.
1. G.S.T Fire alarm & voice evacuation system (United Kingdom)
2. G.S.T Fire Cables (United Kingdom)
3. BLAZE MASTER C P V C Pipe sprinkler systems (Taiwan)
4. ALFAMAX- Emergency & Exit Light (Self – Contained Systems)
6. ACTIVE SPRINKLER- Nanjing Fire Protection Technology co. Ltd.
7. ACTIVE FIRE EXTINGUISHER – Orients Fire Extinguisher (China)



Victoria house 28-38 Desborough street high way combe bucks, U.K.
And they have regional office in JEBEL ALI FREE ZONE DUBAI.
.They are manufacturing and supplying the system for all over the world like EUROPE MIDDLE EAST AND ASIA. Fire alarm system is of very high technology.
GST manufacture over 6 million detectors and modules over 30,000 control panel per year, being one of the largest independent fire detections manufacturing companies in the world.
All our main devices are manufacture using robotic controlled pikck and placec   machines and surface mount technology, in strict conformity with ISO9001 and ISO10012.1
Over the years we have successfully gained international recognition and approval such as LPCB UL and CE. GST products have been sold in more than 50 countries covering Europe Asia Africa and America.

  • Conventional system
  • Analogue addressable system
  • Gas extinguishing control system
  •  Advanced digital electronic systems
  • Voice evacuation system

One of the leading cables for life applications.

Manufactured to B S I 7629 PARTS 1 & 2 1997


G S T Fire cable are specially designed to meet latest standards for fire detection and alarm systems in E N 54 Part 1 and codes of the party for emergency lighting in B S 5266


G S T Fire cables are suitable for installation where a fire situation may pose a major hazard and the maintenance of circuit integrity is requirement thereby giving increased protection to life and property. Because of the pressure extended sheath spark free cores and 100% covered electro static screen G S T fire cable 300/500 is suitable for use in zone 1 and zone 2 hazardous areas.

Typical uses include fire detection voice alarm fire telephone emergency lighting and smoke alarm panel networking.

  • Hershey valve BLAZE MASTER C P V Pipe
    (Chlorinated poly vinyl chloride) for fire sprinkler system
    Blaze master CPVC Pipe and fitting are designed especially for fire sprinkler systems. They are made from a specially thermoplastic known chemically as post-chlorinated polyvinyl unique super hydraulics in comparison to traditional metal system, ease of joining, increased hanger spacing in comparison to other thermoplastics and ease of assembly. They also are based on a technology with a continuous and proven service history of more than 40 years.

Approved by:-

  • LPCB-UK (Loss prevention certification board) and UL Listed
  • NFPA – USA (National fire protection agency)
  • Civil defense UAE
  • Major consultants in UAE

Advantages / Benefits

  • 50 years life resistant to rust
  • All joints shall be made with the solvent cement
  • Less manpower and easy installation
  • Easily repaired  or modified on site
  • External paint not required
  • Ignition resistance:-CPVC has flash ignition temperature of 900 F.
  • Burning resistance: CPVC will not sustain burning.
  • ALFAMAX- Emergency Lighting Luminaries

Al famax was established in 1989 as manufacturer and is one of the leading companies in the fields of emergency lighting luminaries and exit signs. Emergency announcement system.as a leading company all the goods and services are provided by the certificated and under contact dealers and the technical services all around the world and turkey also in United Arab Emirates.

Approved by:-

  • TUV Certificate
  • Civil defense UAE
  • Major consultant in UAE
  • Bright-X emergency lightning armature
  • Stainless metal body (embedded type)
  • Aluminum decorative body(on stucco)
  • Nickel cadmium long life battery
  • 3 hours working in case of urgency
  • 8w fluorescent  illumination
  • 2mm semi-transparent figured plexyglass
  • Special hanger and montage apparatus appropriate for every place
  • LIFE-X Emergency directing armature.
  • Aluminum decorative body
  • Electrostatic furnace point
  • Ni-mh long life battery
  • In case of urgency 3 hours working
  • Lightning with superb bight led
  • 5mm excavation transparent plexyglass
  • Special hanger and montage apparatus appropriate for every place
  • ECON-X Emergency Directing Armature(Active)
  • Possibility of montage oth on ceiling strucco
  • ABS Decorative injectionPlexiglas direction board
  • Ni-mh long life battery
  • In case of urgency continual 3 hours working
  • Change and discharge indication with led
  • One or two face usage choices
  • 8w flour sent and led lighting choices
  • GF-02 Emergency Directing Armature
  • Stainless metal body(embedded type)
  • Electrostatic furnace point in case of urgency
  • 1 and 3 hours working choices in case of urgency
  • 8 w flour scent illumination
  • 8mm semi-transparent special excavation or serigraphy
  • Standard and illuminated model choices
  • 100 Tong – We fangMachinery Auxiliaries Co.LTD.

                                     (Grooved Fitting)
Approved by:-

  • U/L (Under Writers Laboratories) U.S.A
  • Civil Defense UAE
  • Major Consultations in UAE


  • Power plant
  • Healing ventilation and air conditioning
  • Industrial treatment
  • Water treatment
  • Plumbing
  • Fire protection
  • Mining and mine processing


  • Reduced installation cost
  • Easy to assemble no special  training  required
  • Minimal equipment are required
  • Fast assembly in tight places
  • Free of welding no pollution
  • Lower installation
  • Flexibility and rigidity
  • The flexible coupling allow expansion contraction deflection because of the changing temperature
  • The rigid coupling can provide the connection as well as wedding
  • Joint reliability
  • The coupling engage the pie around the full circumstances and restrain the pipe end from separation and other forces up to the maximum coupling rates working pressure
  • Isolated noise and vibration
    Pro design sight gap between pipe ends and elastomeric gasket help to isolated and absorb noise and vibration
  • Coupling
    Can be disassembled easily permitting removal of pipe section for cleaning or services. it will facilitate periodic rotation of pipe to distribute internal wear slurries or other abrasive media
    Nanjing fire protection technology co.ltd (the former factory was Nanjing firefighting equipment factory) is the head enterprise in domestic and international firefighting industry.

    Manufacturer we have sprinkler assembling and testing lines numerically controlled machine processing line numerical control modeling pipe cutting and welding production testing lines.

    Sprinkler can be used for detecting a fire and discharging water to sprinkler system which are widely used in high building hotel marketplace factory warehouse etc. Standard response sprinkler in various level are available such as conventional type upright pendent type and sidewall type sprinkler.

Approved by:-

  • U/L (Under writers laboratories) U.S.A.
  • Civil defense UAE
  • Major Consultants in UAE.

Products for sprinkler:-

  • Concealed pendent sprinkler
  • Quick response
  • Standard response
  • Horizontal side sprinkler
  • Quick response
  • Standard response
  • Upright sprinkler
  • Quick response
  • Standard response
  • Pendent sprinkler
  • Quick response
  • Standard response
  • F. active fire extinguisher (orientx Fire Safety)

We are specialized in the manufacture of all kinds of the extinguisher and accessories for fire line. We are rewarded as the Grade A credit enterprise of Zhejiang the level AAA Credit enterprise among ABC’S for many times. We are the first company who won the UK BSI KITEMARK for fire extinguisher in china got the sign of world admitted high quality mark.

Approved by:-

  • EN3 BsiKitemark
  • Civil defense UAE
  • Major Consultants in UAE

Products for the fire extinguisher

  • 1kg 2kg 6kg 9kg ABC Powder Extinguisher
  • M30x1.5 pressure release valve with CE approval to ensure reliability and optimizes efficiency
  • 23mm series of diagram pressure gauge with EN3 approval
  • 6 L 9 L Foam 9l Water Extinguisher
  • Cylinder inside surface with lining F/PPA665-GREY FROM UK to resist Corrosion.
  • M30X1.5 Pressure release valve with CE approval to ensure reliability and optimizes efficiency.
  • 23mm series of diagram pressure gauge with EN3 Approval.
  • 2KG 5KG Alloy Steel material co2 Extinguisher.
  • Epoxy coated cylinder have a phosphate under treatment to resist corrosion.
  • Co2 valve with CE approval to ensures reliability and optimizes efficiency
  • 23mm Series of diagram pressure gauge with EN3 approval